Best Seduction Books

The Best 7 Seduction Books for Men

I wanted to wait to make this video but…. since I’m in the city of love…

Why not make the best seduction books?

Hi I’m Germán Mühlenberg and in this video we are going to see… the best seduction books.

To be honest, it’s not that I agree with all the books I’m going to mention, in fact, I’m quite critical with some of them, but I think it’s good to have a more global idea about seduction and see different type of them.

In order to be partial or objective, I am not going to put my book Seduction Simplified in this list, nor am I going to mention it at all.

Number 7: How to make someone fall in love with you

How to make Anyone Fall in Love with you by Leil Lowndes. Personally one of my favorite tips she gives is about looks. In the summary I did on my channel I tell the story of Jerry the carpenter and how she falls in love with him. In her research, Leil Lowndes mentions anthropologist Helen Fisher, who says it is a basic animal instinct.

Direct eye contact triggers a primitive part of the human brain. When we look directly into someone’s eyes, your body produces chemicals that trigger the feeling of being in love. People stare at things they like and quickly avert their eyes from things they don’t like. In fact, when someone bores us, the first part of our body to escape is our eyes.

A British scientist determined that, on average, when talking, people look at each other only 30% to 60% of the time.

This is not enough. We must dramatically increase this to 75% of the time or more if we want the other person to take note of our gaze. Never 100% because that is too much.

Number 6: The Mystery Method

metodo mystery


Mystery Method written by Erik Von Markovik is one of the best known and most influential books of all. One of the most interesting things about it is how it divides the seduction process into 3 phases: attraction, comfort and sex.

Even if I like this book, if I criticize it, it is because it promotes a lot of techniques to attract women. Which, although it can be seen as something harmless, ends up generating the «compensation behaviors» that I talk about in my book. This is when you apply certain behaviors not because you really want to, but out of fear of being disapproved of or disliked.

I think it is an interesting book to read but not to take it too seriouly.

Number 5: The Rational Man

the rational male español

The Rational Male written by Rollo Tomassi is interesting and has a different take on seduction. I think this book tries to bring men who idealize women down to earth. One of the central concepts is ONEitis which means being totally obsessed with a woman, in many cases that they barely know, when there are literally billions out there. Rollo, in his book, fights against that notion.

That unhealthy need and obsession for one woman is not simply caused by the belief that she is unique, but because, in many cases it is often a fear masked by a lack of confidence in his ability to find other women.

What I don’t like about this book is that in my opinion there is a non-implicit framing that women are the enemy and that they are going to leave you for the next alpha male.

This is for me, simply not true.

Number 4: The 4 agreements

Resumen de los 4 acuerdos

The Four Agreements by Dr. Miguel Ruiz. For those of you who read this book you might be wondering what it is doing on a list of the best seduction books. It is true that it is not a seduction book, however, I think it has perfectly applicable advice when it comes to relating to other people.

The second agreement in this book talks about «Don’t take anything personally». Which is very much related to the fear of rejection when we approach to any woman. Whatever people do, think or say, don’t take it personally. Even if they flatter us. We should already know what we are worth. We don’t need other people to tell us.

This feeling of taking everything personally, thinking that everything revolves around us, is just a wrong perspective on pride. The most insecure people tend to take everything personally, they let themselves be affected by what others say. And in the end, this leads to greater suffering and pain. This agreement allows us to separate ourselves from our pride.

Insults, criticism and mockery will always be there but what we can do is to take away the authority and importance from those who say it. If you are insulted, take it as an opportunity to practice this agreement.

Let’s not others affect how we feel because that would be giving them too much power over us.

Number 3: The Science of Seduction

Libro Martin Rieznik

This book was written by Martin Rieznik and Mariela Tesler. It basically shares some of the most influential studies within seduction, basing them always according to science and statistical data. It also makes an analysis of the history and what could be the future given the current changes. I think one of the strong points of Martin’s book is about Tinder, which gives a lot of interesting scientific data to be more successful.

Number 2: No more Mr. Nice guy

Basta ya de ser un tipo lindo


No More Mr Nice Guy written by Robert Glover who talks about the «Nice Guy» and describes it as a person who doesn’t think he is good enough as he is and tries to please everyone. Nice Guys» will always try to make everyone feel happy even when it goes against their own well-being. They do this not because they really want to do it but to get something in return (either approval or favors). That is why their attitudes are dishonest and manipulative, hiding their true intentions.

This is truly a book that has no waste and is one of my favorites.

Number 1: Models


Models written by Mark Manson is the one on which I base mine and without a doubt I believe that it is the most complete when it comes to creating an attractive personality under honesty and vulnerability.

One of the main concepts is that a man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his emotional neediness. The more needy, the less attractive, and vice versa. This means, being more involved in our own perception than that of other people.

The way to build real confidence and become more attractive is to invest in ourself. Women are generally more attracted to men who are more interested in themselves than in them. This is one of many of the concepts in the book.

And that’s it. I hope you found it useful and I’ll see you in the next video.

Thanks for being here and staying until the end.

See you next time!

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