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BEST Summary of Mystery Method by Eric von Markovik

Hi, I’m German Mühlenberg, author of the book Seduction Simplified, and in this post we are going to see the summary of Mystery Métod written by Erik von marcovik or better known as Mystery.

The Mystery Method is a model to seduce women divided in three parts: Attraction, Comfort and Sex. This model is called «M3» and is based on the use of routines and techniques to attract any woman.

But before I explain this method there are three important fundamentals to know:

1- Survival and Reproduction Value (SRV)

As Mystery says, basically people exist to survive and reproduce. Men prefer to look for women with better reproduction values, which are given by physical qualities. That improves their chances of replicating their genes more successfully. Women, on the other hand, prefer to look for guys with high survival value, such as: occupation, health, social position and so on. This is why Mystery states that men are attracted to fertility (attractive women) and women are attracted to men with high status.

2- The Three Vital Areas of Life

The Mystery Method explains that success in our health, wealth and love will increase our survival and reproduction value. And therefore our success with women. Health refers to body and mind. Wealth refers to material resources and love to relationships. These 3 are interconnected. So if we suffer in one of them, the others will suffer as well. For example, if we are out of shape, lazy and sick; it will affect our ability to work, earn money, maintain our relationships and make new friends. That is why Mystery suggests keeping these three areas of our lives balanced.

3- Focus on the process rather than the outcome

The guy who focuses only on the outcome to get sex will rarely get a girl. We should go out, have fun and let the result flow. Girls can know if we are just trying to get in their pants. So let’s enjoy the process.

Model M3. Phase 1: Attraction

This whole attraction phase basically consists on generating more interest in women through seduction techniques. Many of these are ways in which the man can demonstrate his high value.

Some of the most important techniques of the attraction phase are:

The Three-Second Rule

As soon as we see a girl we are attracted to, we should approach and talk to her in three seconds or less before experiencing anxiety. Talk to anyone, not just girls. The important thing is to warm up. Mystery in a video compares this to jumping into a pool of cold water. At first jumping in it will be difficult because we are not acclimated. But once we’ve done it a few times it will be fun.

False Limitation of Time (FLT)

The Mystery Method states that when we approach a woman, the first thing she thinks is: How long are we going to be talking to her? The solution is to add a False Time Limitation. For example, we approach a group and say, «Hi I only have a minute but I need a female opinion.» This way she takes away the worry of having to reject us or make up an excuse.

Peacocking (Pavoneo)

Peacocking is when we wears clothing that attracts attention. This can help us toward getting the attention of the women we want to attract or also give them an excuse to talk to us.


According to the Mystery Method, investment is the measure of how much energy or resources we have put into a person. Ideally, the girl should invest more in us than vice versa. This is important because the more she invests in us the greater her interest will be.

Forms of investment from a woman include:

  • Emotional Investment: She tells you some secret or personal matters.
  • Physical Investment: Touching you, kissing you, having sex, and so on.
  • Time Investment: How long it takes to get that person.
  • Money Investment: How much money you spend on that person.


If a girl thinks we are attractive by other women then she is likely to be instantly attracted to us as well. Being pre-selected means that other attractive girls have already shown interest in us. A typical example of this is in a school, where a group of girls, like a particular boy.

Cat Theory

Teoria de la gata

Imagine a cat and a rope. The cat tries to grab the rope but it is always out of reach. Not so far away that it leaves it and not so close that it ends up catching it. This way, the cat doesn’t get bored and keeps trying. Mystery claims that women act like cats, captivated by the thrill of chasing someone they feel is difficult but not impossible. This is one of the problems with nice guys who are usually too easy. That’s why bad boys usually get more women. We have to find the right balance between paying a lot of attention and not giving them any.


The Mystery Method makes use of routines, such as telling stories or anecdotes that generate high value. The idea is always to have something to talk about that is entertaining. However, Mystery also recommends having natural and spontaneous conversations. And this is also where the «openers» arise, whose main purpose is to capture the attention of the girl or the group in a conversation in an indirect way, that is, without showing sexual interest. Some examples of openers are: Who lies more: men or women? Would they end a relationship via text message? Sex or chocolate?

Social Proof

Social proof is determined by our social demand, and furthermore, our status. Basically, when something is valued by many people it becomes more attractive. An example could be our popularity within a bar.

Demonstration of High Value (DHV)

High value demonstration is anything that expresses survival and reproduction value. If we start talking to a group of women and they show interest, it is a demonstration of high value. If they find out we have a lot of social proof then it is a demonstration of high value. If a girl finds out we have a lot of money it is a demonstration of high value. Therefore, they will be attracted. The problem is if she perceives that we are trying to impress her because then it becomes a demonstration of low value.

Neg Theory

Negs are a selfless way of expressing oneself. It is a way of defiance, flirtation and generating sexual tension. It is teasing her playfully but with no intention of offending her. Mystery claims that 3 Negs is enough to attract a girl and jump to the next phase.

Some examples:

  • I like your hair, Is it real?
  • I like your necklace, bracelet, (or anything) but I don’t know if it goes with your style.
  • Is she always like that? Where’s the off button?

Push and Pull

The idea of «Pull and Pull» is to say or do a positive action on her by increasing her emotions: like kissing her or giving a compliment. To then follow up with a disinterested action such as a Neg. Which is a negative action or statement that will make her question if we are really interested in her. When she “pulls” we “push” and the other way around. The purpose of this is for her to see us as a challenge and not feel us advancing on her continuously. For example, says Mystery: if we turn our back on her shortly before kissing her she will be more likely to accept it.

Confidence Test (I am not sure if that is the right translation)

If we are still not sure that the girl is interested in us we can perform a “confidence test” to measure her interest. This is a test that can be used at any stage of the M3 model. For example, we can extend our hand and tell her to do the same. If she does not cooperate then we go back to doing what is «Push and Pull» until she shows interest.

Indicators of Interest

Indicators of interest are verbal or non-verbal signs that allow us to measure the degree of attraction of a woman. In the Mystery Method, we can take as a guideline that by receiving four IDIs we can move from the «Attraction Phase» to the «Comfort Phase». But just identifying indicators of interest is useless if we don’t act on them. Indicators of interest are informative. They help us know where are we stand with respect to her interest.

Some examples:

  • She restarts the conversation whenever we stop talking
  • She constantly touches her hair
  • She looks back at us repeatedly
  • She touches us or touches back

Model M3, phase 2: Comfort

Once we have generated attraction in a girl having received four indicators of interest we move to the comfort phase. Mystery says a woman’s number one priority is to feel safe and secure. So if she doesn’t feel comfortable around us she most likely won’t end up in bed with us. It is important to establish a unique connection with her. Some of the most important techniques in the Comfort Phase are:


Isolation can be taken as a “Confidence Test”. Practicing isolation and being alone with a woman is an essential part of building comfort. It is talking about fun, interesting topics, creating inside jokes and telling personal issues.


When people share personal experiences with others it creates an emotional connection. According to the «Mystery Method» doing it during the «Attraction Phase» would be like trying too hard. But using it during the «Comfort Phase» would create a bond between people. One way to create vulnerability is to tell an embarrassing story, give a different opinion or express your feelings.

The 7-Hour Rule

Based on hundreds of dates, Mystery has determined that it usually takes 7 hours on average for a girl to feel comfortable sleeping with us.

The Time Bridge

The time bridge is basically meeting a girl somewhere else. In his book, Mystery suggests taking them to several locations within one date. This way, it will give us the feeling of spending more time together, thus creating a greater connection. For example, if you go out for a drink, then you can go for a walk in the park and then end up at a club.


Kino is a term that comes from “Neuro linguistic program” (NLP) and refers to physical contact: either touching or being touched. In «Mystery Method» explains the concept of “escalating Kino” where there is a progressive advancement in touching. In other words, if she is not comfortable shaking hands with us do not expect her to be comfortable kissing us. That is why it is advisable to seek physical contact progressively but from the beginning. The most important thing is to feel comfortable touching in a way that improves communication in the interaction.


Kino and kissing are comfort builders, not seduction. Kissing creates and expresses a feeling of affection and bonding by generating comfort with the other person. Kissing is part of kino. Some ways to achieve the kiss in the «Mystery Metod» are:

  • I want to kiss you
  • You talk a lot, would you like to kiss me?
  • Drop the conversation if she restarts it. Interrupt with a Sshhhh and kiss her

Once she is comfortable with us it is time to enter the third phase of the M3 model.

M3 Model, Phase 3: Sex

From here it is pretty straightforward as long as you have built enough comfort with her. It is to take her to a hotel or our home and continue to escalate sexually. The most important technique in this phase is:

Last Minute Resistance

Last Minute Resistance is one of the most important points in the sex phase. It is an uncontrollable fear that a woman may experience before having sex. According to Mystery, for a woman to have sex is a big risk. If the “Last Minute Resistance” occurs, we should not get angry or grumpy. We should simply stop and generate more comfort. The worst thing we can do is to pressure her to have sex with us.


I consider the Mystery Method to be a recommendable book but not to be taken too seriously. The problem is that all these techniques try to compensate a deficit of the personality but not to solve them.

Another point is that the «Mystery Method» in theory can be shown as something very simple and even infallible to apply. However, in practice it is much more complicated to carry out. One of the reasons for this is that in all the logic of the book it places the woman above the man and all these techniques serve to counteract or compensate for that. It is different, as I suggest in my book «Seduction Simplified» if we interact with women having the same value. The truth is that the Mystery Method was created when studying seduction was something very taboo and everyone did it in secret. Mystery was a pioneer in that sense and had a strong influence on today’s seduction.

That´s everything and thanks for reading.

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