What attracts women?

what attracts womenWhat attracts women?

If you want to know what attracts women a further element which determines people’s behaviour and attractiveness is their level of emotional need. Such as Mark Manson claims in his book Models, a man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his level of emotional need. People with a high level of it are often perceived as less attractive, and they emotionally invest in others much more than others invest in them. They put other people’s perception before their own. They want others’ acceptance more than they want to accept themselves.

In general, women are attracted to men who invest to the same or to a lesser degree than they do. This is good, because in a way it means the less we try, the more successful we will be. As the saying goes, “do less, not more”. What is meant by “investment” is the extent to which people sacrifice or modify their feelings to get others to like them. A classic mistake in the process of seduction is to implement overly grand measures in order to impress a woman, such as getting her flowers or a box of candy, buying dinner in a fancy restaurant, or picking her up from her house for a date. Behind this kind of behaviour lies the belief that women have to be bought, that one must invest more than them in order to get them interested.

If one has a needy attitude, other people tend to notice. Not only women. It is a widely accepted fact that showing a needy attitude can have counterproductive effects in job interviews, negotiations or any other social interaction. If one has a needy attitude, others will wonder why we are so desperate to get something. A man behaving in a needy manner towards a woman will surely make her wonder things such as “why is he acting this way?”, “What if he treats me like I’m so important from the very start because he has very few choices? What if I am his only choice?” and, “why can’t he get any other woman?”

Think about this: if a certain woman was our only choice, how would we behave towards her? And what if we had already been with three women on that same day? If we have been unemployed for six months, how would we behave in a job interview? And what if we got five offers every week?


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