The Perfect Date

I was somewhat drunk on a sofa while observing her face after we had kissed. Was she really lovely, or was I really wasted? I thought as I kept looking at her, my vision already obscured by alcohol. Her features began to become more clear… Yes! She was beautiful!

I want to see you again,” I told her. She took my face in her two hands, and after kissing me, answered: “I’d like to see you again, too.”

She was Brazilian. Thirty years old, although her appearance and beauty made her look twenty-five. She was of average height, with fine features and a slim body, marked hips, brown eyes and dark skin. On one of her arms she had a tattoo with the names of her siblings in Hebrew and her nose was pierced in a way I found very sexy. She had studied journalism and fashion design, areas where she also worked.

After the night that we only kissed, nearly a month passed without seeing her. She continued sending me messages about intending to meet me, none of our plans ever transpired. I was aware that she had recently ended a relationship (she had told me that when we met), but I was starting to feel like donkey in the fable, chasing a carrot and never reaching it. However, I noticed that as time passed, she expressed more interest in me. I was showing less and less enthusiasm about meeting up. I knew that she was lying to me and after so many twists and turns I was beginning to tire of the situation. I’m a ilttle skeptical about women’s excuses not to see me. If she isn’t proactive about finding a day that works, it’s probably because (I assume) she isn’t interested enough in me. So I was direct with her. I didn’t understand why she kept asking to see me and then eluding our plans. I told her if she didn’t want to see me it was fine, and I understood that things were still complicated with her recent break-up. She began to open up her heart to me and tell me about the situation she had found herself in, not only because of her relationship, but also because she was trying to find a job. We conversed a while more, and she insisted we see each other on Thursday. This time she seemed to be sincere, but I still doubted whether she’d show up.

We arranged to meet in a park. I arrived before her and sat down to wait. Twenty minutes passed with no sign of her, although she sent messages to say she was on her way. I had gotten distracted when I heard her “hello,” and found her at my side. Yes, she was beautiful. After all the time without seeing her I had forgotten just how clear her face was. I leaned in to kiss her mouth, but she kissed my cheek instead. I scanned her face and compared it to what I remembeed. She was wearing a leather jacket and a smile that suited her even better. We started walking together around the plaza. I felt a little nervious, but I noticed she was too from the way her speech accelerated. She caressed her hair while she was talking to me and watched me intently. There was great chemistry between us.

We had only gone a few meters when she interrupted what I was saying. She stopped me by taking my hand and giving me a big kiss. Now I felt more relaxed, and she did too. I suggested we sit on a bench. We talked while we kissed and slowly we began to feel more comfortable with each other.

I invited her to my apartment, and we walked there, hand-in-hand and chatting. Arriving on my balcony, there was an incredible sunset staining the sky orange. I left her there alone in search of a bottle of red wine. I selected the one that looked best, only judging by the design of the lable without any idea of the quality. I brought it along with two coffee mugs, since I didn’t have any glasses. I served the wine in the coffee cups and she sat on my lap. I felt like a king drinking my delicious wine with her on top of me, where her aroma invaded my olfactories and my view was just amazing. Maybe a rustic king, drinking wine from a coffee cup, but a king nevertheless. Kiss after kiss, it wasn‘t long before our carresses became more sexual.

I took her up to my room, and we were alone. Immediately, she removed all the clothes from the upper part of her body. I took her by the waist, wrapping my arms around her as I began to kiss her breasts. She held my head between her hands while we started to slowly fall onto the bed. We continued kissing as we undressed entirely. Our excitment sizzled. I had started to kiss her neck when I noticed that she stopped, and was trying to speak . She wanted to tell me something.

We were lying on the bed, bodies embraced. She kept speaking. Her legs were trembling. I started to listen. She told me that recently, she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend, whom she had been with for four years, but that they still shared a house together. She confessed she felt confused by the delicate situation and didn’t know what would happen. I could understand that, I even felt like the third person, who interfered with their relationship. But it bothered me that she might lie to me or make excuses like she had done all month. I asked her not to do so again, and she promised she wouldn’t, with a kiss.

We continued lying in bed for a long time, hugging and caressing each other. We stayed naked. One of her legs was crossed on top of mine, while we played with each other’s feet. We kept talking.

Me: The night we met, did you intend to see me again?

Her: No, I wanted to be single for a while.

Me: Then why were you there?

Her (thoughtfully): Hmmm, I don’t know. I think I wanted to be alone, but at the same time I was scared.

Me: Scared?

Her: Sure, about everything. What was going to happen with my ex if we went out together and if I’d be able to trust you. I was scared.

Me: Did you only come because you felt lonely?

Her: No, I don’t mean that. When we kissed, I really liked you, but I had been drinking and it had been a while. I though it was the same for you.

Me: I also liked you… and I was also somewhat drunk.

Her: You want me to tell you something?

Me: Okay.

Her: When I saw you waiting in the plaza, I thought “Fuck! This guy is incredible…I’m going to get myself in trouble going out with him.”

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