Happiness Simplified

In this book, and using events from my own life, I don’t give a quick solution, but I do explain the primary factors that determine happiness, and how you can find it in a surprisingly simple way.

How to talk to girls... Simplified

This is not another cheap book of dating advice from one of your peers… although is a cheap book. The thing is this guide will not only give you the tools to have better conversations with girls but also give you a better understanding of what is important and what isn’t.

Seduction Simplified

This book is not about what to say to women, but focuses on creating a more attractive personality. It will not be instantaneous, it will take time, you’ll never able conquer them all and many will reject you.
But if I can assure you one thing, it will work!

Travel and

«Travel and Love» is one of those books where you keep telling yourself, one more page… The problem is that you can finish it REALLY fast.